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Dhaka City Tour
At 08:00 am our tour guide will pick you up from your Dhaka Hotel and start Dhaka City Tour covering Nawab (King's) Palace which is also known as Ahsan Manzil or Pink Palace (Thursday: Closed), Sadarg ...
3/19/2016 12:44:02 AM
267 50
At Zahid Chowdhury and Associates, we are a specialized corporate law firm where the motto that we follow is – Quality Service, Hard work and Objective Oriented. We make sure the best possible care to our clients in any legal problem.
The firm provides services in the following matters: 1. Writ Matters 2. Civil and Criminal Litigations (Lower court and Supreme Court of Bangladesh) 3. Banking and Finance 4. Business Contracts 5 ...
12/15/2015 6:24:19 AM
302 0
Web Development & Hosting Service.
Best Web Development Service in Bangladesh. In terms of price and quality. We offer website designing and development, web hosting, web marketing and domain registration. ...
10/13/2015 2:11:37 AM
400 0


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